Why attend the Open Media Track?

This year we’ve got a new track: the Open Media track. We wanted to create a proper platform for all things video tech.

We’re talking everything Open Source and Open Standards within video tech and media. Think On-Demand Video using HLS or DASH, or media ingestion using SRT.

Open Source projects and protocols like WebRTC and SRT are the cornerstones of how modern media is delivered, and without them we wouldn’t have the levels of innovation we have today.

If you’ve been working in the field for a while, you’ll know about why we all love open source tools, so let us get you up to speed with the newest developments!

If you’re just getting started with Open Media, prepare to discover a whole new world to take your AV to the next level.


  • Open standards and interop for encoding, broadcast, remote guests and Content Delivery Networks
  • Moving away from RTMP and into newer protocols for broadcast
  • Using AI in video
  • Low-latency browser streaming, video analytics
  • Supporting 4k and 8k, HDR
  • Much more!

CommCon is about communications and the technologies we see as ‘communications’ have changed substantially over the past three years during the pandemic. Everyone now thinks differently about how they communicate and interact with users - sometimes it’s real-time and others it's not. There’s certainly a lot of overlap, and we’re making space for both.

Who is it for?

We’re glad you asked. If you’re a developer or CTO working in telecoms & VoIP, broadcast and the AV industry, Video on Demand or Over The Top spaces, this event is for you.

Dive deep into Open Media and WebRTC with a range of talks and workshops, and then decompress with fun activities designed to help you connect with your new CommCon crew.

We’re the only WebRTC and Open Media conference in the UK and our attendees come from all across the globe to learn about the latest developments from the best minds in the field.

You’ll come away with new knowledge, new friends and fresh perspective on the open media landscape. We look forward to welcoming you in June!

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