Sex, Lies and Video Tapes: The Truth Behind Your CDN Logs

22/06/2023, 09:15 - Towneley Suite

Everybody lies. In this nasty world of end-to-end video delivery, all the involved stakeholders lie to achieve their own results. But where is the truth? The truth lies right in front of your eyes, and it’s always been there - in your CDN logs.

Having spent almost a decade in this industry, working my fingers to the bone with FFMpeg commands, and ending up crying drunk a few times in Vegas & Amsterdam being agonised over high latency, glitches, and stalled video errors…my rocky journey made me learn a few things about CDNs, and now it's time to share my industry expertise in CommCon.

During this session, I'll share some tips on understanding the logs' info, ways of predicting some bad behaviours in your CDN network, and how to fix the issues before our viewers face the dreaded 400s.

Follow me on this logging journey where you'll discover some insider secrets of the video industry, and most importantly learn how to predict stream issues thanks to our wonderful CDN logs. Don't trust anybody except your headers!



This talk will go live soon.